Hi I'm Morgan. The time I got to be brave. I was at my doctor and they drew my blood. I got super scared. I remembered watching my grandma getting her blood drawn. The second time I went to the doctor I wasnt even scared to have my blood drawn. My grandma said I was very brave. My sister and step brother named Justin said I was brave. 06:26, August 5, 2011 (UTC)mckenna keltner207.119.189.196 06:26, August 5, 2011 (UTC)

Oklhoma [[Category:THE TIME I WON A MODELING COMTRACT! It happened this year when my parents and I were walking in the mall and I stopped because I saw a clear plastic container with pieces of paper in them and each piece of paper had someones name written on it...also the realson why there were names on them was because the names were people who wanted to audition for a modeling show. But it wasn't only for modeling it was also for commercials,magazine ads,TV shows and movies. So once I saw that alot of people were joining and I learned more about it, I signed myself up to audition too! After about a month later I got a call from a lady who told me that Tthe casting board has picked me to audition and perform in front of the judges. The lady told me that the even t would be taking place at the mall that I signed up at, then she told me what time I should be there and that there would be a fashion, and talent competition. I was sooo excited. Fter at least 2 weeks or so my mom remebered me about my audition and that it would be taking place this Friday. I was so happy and I told almos tALL my friends at school. They were all happy and so was I. Friday finally came and it was MY turn to go on stage...but before all that happened the supervisors there told me exactly what to do and I did feel confident but also a little nervous. But then right when I got on stage and saw my parents smiling at me I felt the best I've ever felt in my life. I got up there, did my talent (singing) and did my fashion. I felt great after all that happened!The judges told us that they would be telling us the results in at least 2 weeks. When we got home my parents told me how proud they were of me and they knew that I would pass and get to be on TV. After 2 weeks we got a letter in the mail with MY name on it. I was so excited to see if I passed or didn't. I opened the envelope. and read the first sentence of the letter and it said..... "If you are reading this that means you have passed the auditions and we will now need you to take a photo shoot for you TV auditions" I was so happy that I passed and so were my parents. Now I got my photo shoot and my parents and I are waiting for auditon calls for Tv things. I had sooo much fun doing my auditions and telling you about it. And one day I hope to be a celebraty. Wish me luck!!]]

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