Hey, I’m Bob Duncan. I know I know I’m from that big tv hit “good luck Charlie”. This is the time I found out I had a strange addiction to Amy Duncan. She was so handsome, the way she walked, the way she always fought for the spotlight, and oh can’t forget the crazy stuff. Close your eyes kids. Yes, you can’t hear when you can’t see. God Karen. Wait off topic. This is my actual story. This is the time I found out I wanted to die. It’s when I had 5 kids and they were so crazy. They made me wanna actually die some many times but I didn’t give up on Amy. Ok back to Amy. God Amy jsbidndidnisjs sorry I just fell on the keyboard thinking about her. She’s so fricking cute. Omg her but... shut up bob god bob kill yourself now... ok now your watching a tti on diseny channel.